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Another 7 weeks, another check up.

I wanted to tell you guys some good news. But on this occasion I really think that there is none to tell!

So, early estimates are - another eight to ten months before I'll be ready for the operation.

I've been brushing my teeths really well hygiene-wise, but my gums are taking a real beating...I have to lay off 'em - you have to be careful cos otherwise it all goes wrong.

Also, the killing neck/back/head pain I've been waking up with each morning is caused by muscle tension radiating from my jaw. I have to try and relax my jaw. The only problem with this is that if I do relax my jaw, I look like I've had a stroke!

No more chewing gum either.

Mr Harper is still as dashing as ever. But it didn't make me feel any better this time.

Next appt with him is on the 21st December (festive!) and I will be having the dreaded SPACERS again. Yeuch.

Please all pray to the God of Braces for me.

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