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Today I smiled at 11 people and 4 smiled back on the way into work


For my lunch today I had half a pint of Guinness, ready salted Hula Hoops, Wotsits, a satsuma, a banana, a mini Galaxy caramel, a mini Mars bar and I am about to eat a KitKat. Healthy huh?


Edited to add the following miscellany

My teeth are on the move again. This is a good thing as the sooner they get to where they are supposed to be, the sooner I can have the op. and get the damn things off, but yow, they HURT when they move and they go wobbly sometimes. Not nice.


My motto for today and for a while maybe is "Why walk when you can run?" (that's a rhetorical questionmark)


I discovered three new eye wrinkles today under each eye. Six new wrinkles. They only show when I smile. Won't stop me though. Just need to hook myself up with some Botox in the land of the plastically resculpted is all ;)

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