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Today the Bear and I braved Oxford Street for Christmas shopping. We are both ill and it was a terrible idea! The best part of the day was randomly bumping into Maria who used to work in my Lush store but got transferred to one in Reading. We had girly chats and caught up - she flies off to Germany tomorrow. Talk about good timing!

I know my updates have been crappy of late - it's so strange, my head is like tangled spaghetti - I feel like I lost touch with myself, like Houston's lost contact with the shuttle. This is why I think I might have flu coming along. Feeling ill in braces is worse than just feeling ill - I wonder if wearing braces makes ANYTHING feel better?!!!

Braces = minus quality of life in the short run Vs. an abnormal skull in the future, so I'll just have to stick with it!

God I hate myself when my posts are all introspective and emo, one thousand apologies my gentle readers for exposing you to this self-pitying twaddle, god knows I curse y'all out when you do it to me ;)

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