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Me and the Red Racer are no more. He was stolen last night. Gutted


Good news this morning from the ortho surgeon tho - which is that they will only have to break my lower jaw for surgery and leave my top jaw alone! I secretly hoped that this would happen all along so I am very, VERY relieved! It means that I won't be wired up you see. We're scheduling the op for early December as far as I know.

Last night I had a great night - I saw lots of old friends at the Dublin Castle and made new ones and then tripped out to the Interpol aftershow ending up after that eventually at the Soho Hotel. All was well until I woke up and found my car was gone. I feel sick. What will I do without my Red Racer? I didn't mind about being a single girl with him around....I feel like I've lost part of my identity.

I have decided not to stress about this until after I return from LA, but secretly I am worry worry worry. Thank God for my mum and dad. Seriously.


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