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So today I have been upgraded* with the harshest wires ever...owch. My teeth feel soooo tight!! On the Nurofen Plus and Paracetomol...I am saving the Co-codeine for later. Yum.

I chose "pink panther pink" bands again.

NEWS JUST IN - Looks like the operation will be in December possibly but more will be confirmed in an Osteopathy clinic on May 16th.

The operation will be taking place in Oxford and not Reading now, so all you Oxfordians ([livejournal.com profile] juggzy & [livejournal.com profile] jarethshair spring to mind as being most Oxfordly!), please come and visit me! Will let you know when I am up for the slice and dice.

* Dr Who ref
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Today is a day of pain

And wondering "Why?" about stuff

And wondering stuff in general

And also being too tired to go see OK Go with Suzy & Mark

Which leads on to an empty evening of sleep, pain killers and assignments

Don't worry - I'm not depressed! It's just the way the pain killers make me feel, a bit disconnected and woozy (sp!?) - just wait til I hit the morphine ;)


California's around the corner, as is Seattle...sunrise is on the horizon!

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