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When it all started, back in October 2005 when I went to see the Orthodontist about my bad bite.

My teeth didn't close up at all!

We realised I'd need train track braces and an operation too!!

Red braces
These are my bad teef and braces when I chose red bands

Prior to the operation, they had to include surgical hooks onto my braces...

Close Up Teeth With Pre-Op Braces

And finally, now in November 2009 after the operation, and my train tracks got taken off, I look like THIS!

New smile!

Look! They meet and close properly now.


I remember the day I discovered I could bite Sellotape to break it from the roll. That was wonderful!

I am putting these up because a lot of people find my lovejournal through looking for braces, or orthodontist or jaw surgery tags. It IS worth it if you're browsing here circumspectly or anxiously...!

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Since the operation we have to retrain my new jaw & teeth to make a new correct bite. For the first time in my life my top teeth sit over my bottom teeth - like a proper normal person!

My Big Mouth

I wear 4 x rubber bands at the moment

2 are Tan colored and exert 103g of force

1 is Blue and exerrts 131g of force

1 is Red and exerts 113g of force

Duloks at Sonar - Mouthful of Metal and Metal Sign
(Spot the Fong!! WIN if you guess what she is shouting!)

This is my favourite picture from Sonar festival so far :) Not only am I doing a rock face but also the rock hand sign! Also LOOK at that crowd!! There were loads of them and such happy up for it people too! And generous and lovely!!

Last night I worked at Fandango and it was a bit quiet..so quiet in fact I had an escape plan worked out in case Branka and I needed to do a runner, it involved hiding in the girls toilet so I'm not sure how good a plan it was!

My favourite band of the night were The Mother Hips...two dudes singing harmonies and their latest music has the word "crystal" in it. Instant WIN!

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