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I forgot everything I needed today at home! I guess the copious amounts of painkillers ingested yesterday have erased braincells. No keys, phone or wallet. Luckily I managed to pack all my painkillers for today! You can't chase the pain, you have to own it, jump on it, and smother it into submission with pharmaceuticals...and ice cream.

I can't yawn or laugh without a crack of pain - I am such a big baby. I thanked housemates Tom, Tris and the Bear for looking after me last night - they were angels keeping me company, bringing me hot milk, looking in on me to check that I was OK etc etc.

Tristan replied "It's OK, it's like 3 Men and a Manga".

Bring on Steve Guttenburg!


Today I'm supposed to be getting the results of my Open Uni: S103 Discovering Science course. Please all cross your fingers for me! This is worth 60 points of my 360 point degree and cost me £500. So REALLY cross your fingers and wish me luck, don't just scroll on down to your next friend!

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