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I have lovely slippery teeth and they feel like fragile glass in my mouth, I am looking after them like babies and licking them tentatively.

Last night we played a show at the Old Blue Last in a 3 song set which was populated by LOTS OF LOVELY FRIENDS and some bankers from Deutsch (sp?!) Bank.

I cant stop smiling even tho when I catch sight of myself I feel strange and not like Mira. New Mira :)

Ortho Team! Mr Harper, Mira Manga and Jenny
This is the famous Mr Harper who has been in charge of my teeth procedures and Jenny who has been the nurse the whole way through :)

I have to go back for my retainers on Thursday and I want to take a present for him and Jenny but I can't take chocolate. I will have to think about it!

Tom got kinda drunk last night and went all lovely dovey...! Look at his little face!
Drunk Tom

And I was super smiley!
Too excited to stay still!

Mar checked out the TV companies signs...very official!
Mar Dulok
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This is a breaking braces update...I went to see Mr Harper yesterday.

***I have been given 3 x appointments and the 2nd of those is for a "debond" which means my braces will be taken off***

I can't quite believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel...it's all happening!!

I have a powerchain around my lower teeth now - so the gaps I had in my teeth literally disappeared last night and I have a band of pain in my lower jaw but I can feel the teeth all moving and its a good pain because of that.


Mum Manga has been staying with me for the week...she's doing a music course up here in London, it's been supernice.


Today I have to go to an appointment, pay bills and go to a work drinks summer party on a boat. Hope you're all having fun!

<3 <3 <3

Apr. 17th, 2008 04:48 pm
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Oh Lord

Thank y'all well wishers! Today is a double bonus day!!


We're going to try and use the braces and rubber bands to pull it all back into line. I was so happy I gave the wonderful amazing Mr Harper a hug that surprised him and made us both laugh.

Mr Harper <3s - he is the bizniz! :)

#2 Got some blood test results back that make me feel very happy :)


Gosh life looks golden after last minute reprieves doesn't it?!

Jaw Update

Nov. 16th, 2007 01:23 pm
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Looks like my big jaw operation will be coming up mid to late January now...I have had the final dentist / orthodontist checks, just two more ortho visits before the big day!!

Big Tooth!
Here is a huge blown up picture of my tooth that the dentist took. The grey stuff by the side of my tooth is the adhesive to keep the band tight.

Straight biteThe Gruesome ToothNormal bite
My bite is WAY outta wack. Left pic is me trying to bite normal / right pic is me letting my jaw bite the way it wants to, pic in the middle is my stupid face!

A Rose By Any Other Name...
That's why all the pics I take I pull a pout like this and you never really see me smile unless it's pouty Mick Jagger-esque type thing going on.


So, yeah, me + operation in January. I'm going to stay in Reading for my recovery, at my parents place. Thing is tho, they're going to be away. In !Africa! to be precise, so I am going to ask my friends to come stay with me in Reading to look after me! Err, I know it doesn't sound like a fun holiday but if that's something you'd fancy just, y'know...let me know! And you can come stay in the guest bedroom and look after me!! Le yay..(?!)

My penultimate coloured bands trip to the awesome Mr Harper is in December and I am going to get rainbow braces. Seven different colored O-rings. Whoo!
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This day two years ago the amazing Mr Harper decided we could go ahead and get my jaw fixed up

Long journey eh!?

I called today to get my rescheduled operation date, but no news so far, it's going to be in January tho.

Braces man. Word.
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An update...

This morning I went to see Mr Harper, he told me my operation date has been moved to January...good, cos I was stressing about the Christmas workload and bad, cos my parents will be in Kenya from the 18th Jan onwards...le eek!

Also! No rubber bands! Le yay! I was terrified I'd be fitted with ortho bands on my braces to guide my teeth into a different bite - they ping off when you sing and stuff and I had them before when I was thirteen. They're a bad scene. So! Superhappy about that!

A visiting lady ortho from Newbury took impressions of my bite, top and bottom and front on...and from these Mr Harper will make a mouth wafer which will be used in the actual operation. Of course I made the usual "sticky stuff in my mouth" jokes. These are now expected of me. Standard!

I came back to London, dropped our keyboard flight case in a minicab to take it back to Matt Snowball, Emperor of Equipment Hire and walked through the gorgeous sunshine and back streets of West London to work.

You can tell I live in the West, the cafe under my apartment was full of media types on lunch, I could hear a flautist practising as I walked past a window, there were tour buses full of bandmembers blinking in the sunlight as they gingerly exited vehicles to sign in at K West, au pairs pushing three wheeled buggies. I really enjoy the shady leafy avenues I shuffle along. A spivvy guy on a mobile walked purposefully past me saying "...well if the band don't WRITE more songs, there IS no deal!"....The West is the best. Get here, and we'll do the rest!

The sunshine is glorious today. Indian summer.
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Exciting trip to the gorgeous Mr Harper today. My teeth have moved superfast and he says after the next adjustment I will start going to the co-clinics - which are Orthodontic and Surgical...so we'll start discussing THE OPERATION!!!

Also, it seems I may have to have my wisdom teeth out, all four of them! Bummer eh? They all came in with no problem and are strong and healthy but may be surplus to requirements. Irony. THAT'S irony Alanis.

So, here's a pic of my new braces.

Shiny new braces

They are PINK! Supercute, which means they match some of my lipglosses and that I will probably buy more lipglosses and make up to match as well. Girly = good!

On the way back to London I thought about dying on the operating table and other things, which leads me neatly to my next post which is about....

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