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...if you'd like to join me and support me in this please check out this here website with tips and FAQ's for the jaw surgery I'm undertaking. It'll help you understand what's going to happen to me.

Also if you wanna come visit me when I'm getting better I'm going to be in Reading for the first few weeks at my parents place, some of you are coming to visit which is SUPER sweet of you and I really appreciate it! I can't eat anything so dont bring grapes!

Other things you can help me with are...

a) I really need DVDs to watch and books to read during recovery which I am going to take really seriously. I am going to take things VERY slowly which means I will be bored without stuff to look at! Boxed sets of the Mighty Boosh gratefully received. I'll return everything when I am done being ill, promise!

b) Send me good healing vibes, I'm a big believer in vibes and good thoughts and feelings so think kind, get better soon things my way please :)

c) Come to the last Duloks show/Mar's birthday party/Tent Street housewarming and bring chewy food and steak and beef jerky etc. I won't be able to eat proper foods for months and months...

That is all :)

Thanks for reading!

Jaw Update

Nov. 16th, 2007 01:23 pm
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Looks like my big jaw operation will be coming up mid to late January now...I have had the final dentist / orthodontist checks, just two more ortho visits before the big day!!

Big Tooth!
Here is a huge blown up picture of my tooth that the dentist took. The grey stuff by the side of my tooth is the adhesive to keep the band tight.

Straight biteThe Gruesome ToothNormal bite
My bite is WAY outta wack. Left pic is me trying to bite normal / right pic is me letting my jaw bite the way it wants to, pic in the middle is my stupid face!

A Rose By Any Other Name...
That's why all the pics I take I pull a pout like this and you never really see me smile unless it's pouty Mick Jagger-esque type thing going on.


So, yeah, me + operation in January. I'm going to stay in Reading for my recovery, at my parents place. Thing is tho, they're going to be away. In !Africa! to be precise, so I am going to ask my friends to come stay with me in Reading to look after me! Err, I know it doesn't sound like a fun holiday but if that's something you'd fancy just, y'know...let me know! And you can come stay in the guest bedroom and look after me!! Le yay..(?!)

My penultimate coloured bands trip to the awesome Mr Harper is in December and I am going to get rainbow braces. Seven different colored O-rings. Whoo!
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This day two years ago the amazing Mr Harper decided we could go ahead and get my jaw fixed up

Long journey eh!?

I called today to get my rescheduled operation date, but no news so far, it's going to be in January tho.

Braces man. Word.
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Tomorrow it will have been 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days of brace wearing. There is no expression for this synchronicity of numbers in English, but I am reliably informed by Carsten (my German rock-journalist friend) that there is a German expression called schnapszahl! to describe this :)

"Schnaps meaning "spirits" and zahl obviously being "number", so you're supposed to have a drink when something like that comes up."

Thanks for the boozing excuse Carsten ;)

Lets take a look at my teeth now afer all this time...

Remember this was how they used to be?

Well, they are now like THIS..

The braces have pulled my teeth straighter and how they should be AFTER the operation...so now, with my still mis-aligned jaw they are WAY out of whack! None of them meet where they're supposed to. It sucks chewing cos I look like a camel, or other ruminating type animal. Yuck!

All worth it in the end I suppose...which will be another fifteen months or so.

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Today hailed another appointment with the consultant and also the surgeon this time. Mr Harper (consultant) was as gorgeous as usual (you can see a pic here but it doesn't do him NEARLY enough justice) and for the first time I also met Mr Tomlin who will be my surgeon.

After some discussion and looking at my teefs we decided that the course of action would be to go for the surgery - this will involve at least 18 months in braces and then an operation on either just my bottom or both jaws. After the op, you're tightly banded for around 4 to 6 weeks and are pretty much on liquids I guess then you wear braces for around six months, then they come off. We don't have a splint as such, something they call a wafer.

I have to go back to the hospital for more photos, dental moulds, and listen to this, so they can INJECT ME WITH RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES and scan my bones!! They need to see if my jaw is still growing or whether the movement has stopped so they can make the relevant operating decisions. The injection is going to happen on Thursday, followed by the photos so I bet I look pale in them! You can see info and pictures about bone scans here.

I go back to see Mr Harper on 10th October for more consults and moulds. I think this would all be so much more of a drag if I didn't have him!
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I went into hospital to see my consultant for the first time in three years now I have decided I do need to have surgery on my jaw.

The first thing he said as I entered his office was,
"I don't know if you'll remember me, three years is a long time!"
"Of COURSE I remember you!" I replied.
Mr Harper is the wonderful man who, when I was having a nervous breakdown over looking like a freak when I first saw him, said "Mira, you're a good-looking, healthy, young woman. This isn't as bad as you make out!" And with those words I immediately felt 100% better.

Sadly now I can't avoid the inevitable any longer and it looks like I'll have to go for braces and then surgery. Today they took X-rays of my jaw and booked me in at the surgeon/consultant/orthodontist clinic in September. This is where you have all THREE specialists all peering down your mouth! It's enough to make you floss for life.

So today was the first "official" step on my jaw journey. Next update in September!

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