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When it all started, back in October 2005 when I went to see the Orthodontist about my bad bite.

My teeth didn't close up at all!

We realised I'd need train track braces and an operation too!!

Red braces
These are my bad teef and braces when I chose red bands

Prior to the operation, they had to include surgical hooks onto my braces...

Close Up Teeth With Pre-Op Braces

And finally, now in November 2009 after the operation, and my train tracks got taken off, I look like THIS!

New smile!

Look! They meet and close properly now.


I remember the day I discovered I could bite Sellotape to break it from the roll. That was wonderful!

I am putting these up because a lot of people find my lovejournal through looking for braces, or orthodontist or jaw surgery tags. It IS worth it if you're browsing here circumspectly or anxiously...!

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New retainers!
These must stay in all the time until December 4th. This is a very important part of the whole process because my teeth will now stabilise and set according to the shape of the retainers!

Every girls "must have" this season!
I also have every girls "must have" accessory this season! A hot pink retainer holder!
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I have lovely slippery teeth and they feel like fragile glass in my mouth, I am looking after them like babies and licking them tentatively.

Last night we played a show at the Old Blue Last in a 3 song set which was populated by LOTS OF LOVELY FRIENDS and some bankers from Deutsch (sp?!) Bank.

I cant stop smiling even tho when I catch sight of myself I feel strange and not like Mira. New Mira :)

Ortho Team! Mr Harper, Mira Manga and Jenny
This is the famous Mr Harper who has been in charge of my teeth procedures and Jenny who has been the nurse the whole way through :)

I have to go back for my retainers on Thursday and I want to take a present for him and Jenny but I can't take chocolate. I will have to think about it!

Tom got kinda drunk last night and went all lovely dovey...! Look at his little face!
Drunk Tom

And I was super smiley!
Too excited to stay still!

Mar checked out the TV companies signs...very official!
Mar Dulok
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O noes! Credit crunch!
Originally uploaded by Mira Manga
This pic displays the braces Mar Dulok thoughfully bought me cos she was so tired of seeing my butt crack.

This is what my face looks like normally


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Since the operation we have to retrain my new jaw & teeth to make a new correct bite. For the first time in my life my top teeth sit over my bottom teeth - like a proper normal person!

My Big Mouth

I wear 4 x rubber bands at the moment

2 are Tan colored and exert 103g of force

1 is Blue and exerrts 131g of force

1 is Red and exerts 113g of force

Duloks at Sonar - Mouthful of Metal and Metal Sign
(Spot the Fong!! WIN if you guess what she is shouting!)

This is my favourite picture from Sonar festival so far :) Not only am I doing a rock face but also the rock hand sign! Also LOOK at that crowd!! There were loads of them and such happy up for it people too! And generous and lovely!!

Last night I worked at Fandango and it was a bit quiet..so quiet in fact I had an escape plan worked out in case Branka and I needed to do a runner, it involved hiding in the girls toilet so I'm not sure how good a plan it was!

My favourite band of the night were The Mother Hips...two dudes singing harmonies and their latest music has the word "crystal" in it. Instant WIN!
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It is my 2 years and 6 months anniversary of wearing braces today.

I have a proper bite now and my teeth are all in the right place and in Germany for the first time ever I cut tape using my teeth!!

I also opened a bottle cap with a lighter for the first time ever in Germany. It's all about First Times...


<3 <3 <3

Apr. 17th, 2008 04:48 pm
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Oh Lord

Thank y'all well wishers! Today is a double bonus day!!


We're going to try and use the braces and rubber bands to pull it all back into line. I was so happy I gave the wonderful amazing Mr Harper a hug that surprised him and made us both laugh.

Mr Harper <3s - he is the bizniz! :)

#2 Got some blood test results back that make me feel very happy :)


Gosh life looks golden after last minute reprieves doesn't it?!


Apr. 3rd, 2008 11:14 pm
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Used GROWN UP TOOTHBRUSH today for first time since op today!


Still having pins n needles in my numb places...come back feeling!
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...if you'd like to join me and support me in this please check out this here website with tips and FAQ's for the jaw surgery I'm undertaking. It'll help you understand what's going to happen to me.

Also if you wanna come visit me when I'm getting better I'm going to be in Reading for the first few weeks at my parents place, some of you are coming to visit which is SUPER sweet of you and I really appreciate it! I can't eat anything so dont bring grapes!

Other things you can help me with are...

a) I really need DVDs to watch and books to read during recovery which I am going to take really seriously. I am going to take things VERY slowly which means I will be bored without stuff to look at! Boxed sets of the Mighty Boosh gratefully received. I'll return everything when I am done being ill, promise!

b) Send me good healing vibes, I'm a big believer in vibes and good thoughts and feelings so think kind, get better soon things my way please :)

c) Come to the last Duloks show/Mar's birthday party/Tent Street housewarming and bring chewy food and steak and beef jerky etc. I won't be able to eat proper foods for months and months...

That is all :)

Thanks for reading!
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I just had a really upsetting phone call from my lil bro who is in charge of looking after me after my operation as my parents are away


The most horrible aspect of the impending operation is this

a) they haven't given me a date yet

b) people around me keep hassling me because I don’t know the date yet. Work have been AMAZING - super understanding, but I have a tonne of family members and friends berating me for not knowing the date.

Believe me everyone, I want to know the date MORE THAN ANY OF YOU! And I am doing all I can to get that date, I call every day and hassle people in my surgeons office. As SOON as I know that date I will let you know!! (As if I'd find out and then just not tell anyone, c'mon!)

Saying things like how annoying it is that I don't know cos we can't plan stuff is like I know!!!! My life's in limbo til I find out PLUS I am terrified of how long recovery will take / what my voice will sound like after / whether the operation will go OK so please people, moderate your irritatedness and know I am like "Waaaargh!!!" myself about the whole sitch but just trying to be chilled and calm about it, cos after all, I have no power in this situation

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL readers, droppers in, surfers of and visitors to miramanga.livejournal.com - Mira Manga at your service, especially if you're a pipe smoking wizard!

What did YOU do on New Years Eve?! Answers in a comment below...!

I played a Duloks show dressed all in black with neon pink and cyan detailing at Club Motherfucker. At midnight I had a smooch with a boy with blue green eyes who asked through Oliver Dulok if I would accept his proposal of a midnight kiss. I thought that was cute and funny...I kissed him a couple times after midnight too, til I had to leave.

The pumpkin effect was kicking in as soon as we finished the show, but Mar asked me to stay, and I love making that Dulokchylde smile. YOU know. I should have left and probably NOT have had that snog, you know, what with still being fragile and addicted to bad things, but hell, I put in such a performance I deserved a midnight clinch at New Years Eve...!

Rainbow braces and hazel eyes
Also, you guys all know I got RAINBOW BRACES lately right? Well me and Gordo were kicking it with my 'rents and had some TASTE THE RAINBOW!!! picture fun :)

Taste the Rainbow #1
Taste the Rainbow!

Kiss the Rainbow!! :)
Full House!

Crunch the Rainbow!!!
Crunch The Rainbow

A Mouth Fulla Skittles and Metal!
Skittles VS Metal

Have a lovely January everyone. Be wonderful to each other!!

Jaw Update

Nov. 16th, 2007 01:23 pm
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Looks like my big jaw operation will be coming up mid to late January now...I have had the final dentist / orthodontist checks, just two more ortho visits before the big day!!

Big Tooth!
Here is a huge blown up picture of my tooth that the dentist took. The grey stuff by the side of my tooth is the adhesive to keep the band tight.

Straight biteThe Gruesome ToothNormal bite
My bite is WAY outta wack. Left pic is me trying to bite normal / right pic is me letting my jaw bite the way it wants to, pic in the middle is my stupid face!

A Rose By Any Other Name...
That's why all the pics I take I pull a pout like this and you never really see me smile unless it's pouty Mick Jagger-esque type thing going on.


So, yeah, me + operation in January. I'm going to stay in Reading for my recovery, at my parents place. Thing is tho, they're going to be away. In !Africa! to be precise, so I am going to ask my friends to come stay with me in Reading to look after me! Err, I know it doesn't sound like a fun holiday but if that's something you'd fancy just, y'know...let me know! And you can come stay in the guest bedroom and look after me!! Le yay..(?!)

My penultimate coloured bands trip to the awesome Mr Harper is in December and I am going to get rainbow braces. Seven different colored O-rings. Whoo!
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An update...

This morning I went to see Mr Harper, he told me my operation date has been moved to January...good, cos I was stressing about the Christmas workload and bad, cos my parents will be in Kenya from the 18th Jan onwards...le eek!

Also! No rubber bands! Le yay! I was terrified I'd be fitted with ortho bands on my braces to guide my teeth into a different bite - they ping off when you sing and stuff and I had them before when I was thirteen. They're a bad scene. So! Superhappy about that!

A visiting lady ortho from Newbury took impressions of my bite, top and bottom and front on...and from these Mr Harper will make a mouth wafer which will be used in the actual operation. Of course I made the usual "sticky stuff in my mouth" jokes. These are now expected of me. Standard!

I came back to London, dropped our keyboard flight case in a minicab to take it back to Matt Snowball, Emperor of Equipment Hire and walked through the gorgeous sunshine and back streets of West London to work.

You can tell I live in the West, the cafe under my apartment was full of media types on lunch, I could hear a flautist practising as I walked past a window, there were tour buses full of bandmembers blinking in the sunlight as they gingerly exited vehicles to sign in at K West, au pairs pushing three wheeled buggies. I really enjoy the shady leafy avenues I shuffle along. A spivvy guy on a mobile walked purposefully past me saying "...well if the band don't WRITE more songs, there IS no deal!"....The West is the best. Get here, and we'll do the rest!

The sunshine is glorious today. Indian summer.


Jun. 29th, 2007 03:11 pm
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The latest ITV.com Duloks episode is up and contains many shots of me displaying exactly how much my jaw is wonky...YUCK! I can barely watch! PLUS I am lisping like Sylvester the cat.

I can't wait!!!!
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Me and the Red Racer are no more. He was stolen last night. Gutted


Good news this morning from the ortho surgeon tho - which is that they will only have to break my lower jaw for surgery and leave my top jaw alone! I secretly hoped that this would happen all along so I am very, VERY relieved! It means that I won't be wired up you see. We're scheduling the op for early December as far as I know.

Last night I had a great night - I saw lots of old friends at the Dublin Castle and made new ones and then tripped out to the Interpol aftershow ending up after that eventually at the Soho Hotel. All was well until I woke up and found my car was gone. I feel sick. What will I do without my Red Racer? I didn't mind about being a single girl with him around....I feel like I've lost part of my identity.

I have decided not to stress about this until after I return from LA, but secretly I am worry worry worry. Thank God for my mum and dad. Seriously.

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So today I have been upgraded* with the harshest wires ever...owch. My teeth feel soooo tight!! On the Nurofen Plus and Paracetomol...I am saving the Co-codeine for later. Yum.

I chose "pink panther pink" bands again.

NEWS JUST IN - Looks like the operation will be in December possibly but more will be confirmed in an Osteopathy clinic on May 16th.

The operation will be taking place in Oxford and not Reading now, so all you Oxfordians ([livejournal.com profile] juggzy & [livejournal.com profile] jarethshair spring to mind as being most Oxfordly!), please come and visit me! Will let you know when I am up for the slice and dice.

* Dr Who ref

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