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Since the operation we have to retrain my new jaw & teeth to make a new correct bite. For the first time in my life my top teeth sit over my bottom teeth - like a proper normal person!

My Big Mouth

I wear 4 x rubber bands at the moment

2 are Tan colored and exert 103g of force

1 is Blue and exerrts 131g of force

1 is Red and exerts 113g of force

Duloks at Sonar - Mouthful of Metal and Metal Sign
(Spot the Fong!! WIN if you guess what she is shouting!)

This is my favourite picture from Sonar festival so far :) Not only am I doing a rock face but also the rock hand sign! Also LOOK at that crowd!! There were loads of them and such happy up for it people too! And generous and lovely!!

Last night I worked at Fandango and it was a bit quiet..so quiet in fact I had an escape plan worked out in case Branka and I needed to do a runner, it involved hiding in the girls toilet so I'm not sure how good a plan it was!

My favourite band of the night were The Mother Hips...two dudes singing harmonies and their latest music has the word "crystal" in it. Instant WIN!
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I felt a scary exciting tingle in my heart today when I exchanged smiles with our soundman tonight.

Ok, so the tingle was a mere flutter under a tonne of glacial ice deep deep down, but it was compelling and a realisation that winter's kicking in everwhere but still rivers run deep and close to the heartblood.

Now for a stupid video where I wear a pink helmet and pixelate lots while showing off my new RAINBOW BRACES!!!

And also, cos I didnt get enough (easy!!) respondants to my game plea, I repeat it here!!

Can we play this game? I stole it from my friend in North Carolina!

Can you tell me what to take a photograph of, and then I'll take a photograph of it? You can tell me a few things, or one thing, or no things. Something like "your bookshelf!" or "an outfit you wear a lot lately" or "what your mood has been like" or "what makes you tired" or "the inside of your bedroom closet." You could even ask me questions that I'd need to answer pictorially, like, I dunno, "What is your favourite color" or something more imaginative than THAT example ;)

I want a photograph mission. And I want to feel I accomplished a little cool project that you can all be part of!

Help a girl out?

ALSO!! I found me my second favourite boy ever on the internet. (Casey will always be my #1!!!) but look!

Not only can he do this...!

But he can ALSO do THIS!!!

(this is a Travis Barker repost - thanks [livejournal.com profile] postbox!
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There is a video interview of the Duloks from a few weeks back by the exceptional Anders Christian on our Duloks MySpace Page - you need to look under the Duloks profile pic and click videos. Anders was interviewing us to learn about the E.R.I.C. scene that we invented AKA Comedy Electro Indie Rock but ERIC for short and cos its a nicer acronym....

I talk in that mashed up way cos of the WINE that Anders gave me and cos of my mash up teefs with braces on. I never realised that it was this bad before though...it's pretty bad..and my face is all Wallace & Grommit animation look. Ick!

The Duloks Talk

Anyway I should also apologise for talking so much crap. I wish I could say it was the editing. BUT it's just me. Talking crap ;)

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Yesterday was six months ago that I got my braces.

Overall - they're not so bad. I did lose my mojo when they were first installed...remember how glum I was?! Since I got used to them the only bad times are straight after they're tightened up, and even that's not SO bad considering that I get to gaze into Mr Harper's green eyes while he tortures me.

I guess I'm used to them now, everytime I smile in the mirror they gleam back at me and it doesn't bother me. In California I saw lotsa people with braces with big grins on their faces without a care in the world, since I got back I do the same now...and just hope that I have no food stuck in my grill!

To celebrate my Six Month Anniversary and my acceptance of the BraceFace, Duloks wrote a new song about them today. It's called Inadvertent Circumcision
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Duloks did Ladyfest in Brighton last night...we worked for all the laughs that we got. It was hard, I got sweaty....we made new friends.

Today I got my braces rewired...yowch. We're working on moving the roots now that my teeth are rearranged...."Load me up with a tonne of drugs please Mr Harper!" His eyes are mesmirising as he yanks my dentals every which way, so super green. Yowzers! He asked what colour brace bands I wanted this time, I choose silver as much great stuff has happened in silver. Blue and red bands let me down.

I have to say the wires are so fucking thick this time, I swear I can feel them WEIGH the tooths down individually, plus the top one is square not round. Superweird.

My next Dulok show is Saturday 27th May at the Betsey Trotwood - we're on first so you can get an early night or go on out Saturday night raving. I believe that this will be our first appearance in our Tennis White's ensembles...exciting stuff!!

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