Aug. 1st, 2008

miramanga: (braceface)
This is a breaking braces update...I went to see Mr Harper yesterday.

***I have been given 3 x appointments and the 2nd of those is for a "debond" which means my braces will be taken off***

I can't quite believe that there is a light at the end of the's all happening!!

I have a powerchain around my lower teeth now - so the gaps I had in my teeth literally disappeared last night and I have a band of pain in my lower jaw but I can feel the teeth all moving and its a good pain because of that.


Mum Manga has been staying with me for the week...she's doing a music course up here in London, it's been supernice.


Today I have to go to an appointment, pay bills and go to a work drinks summer party on a boat. Hope you're all having fun!

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