Dec. 21st, 2007

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I felt a scary exciting tingle in my heart today when I exchanged smiles with our soundman tonight.

Ok, so the tingle was a mere flutter under a tonne of glacial ice deep deep down, but it was compelling and a realisation that winter's kicking in everwhere but still rivers run deep and close to the heartblood.

Now for a stupid video where I wear a pink helmet and pixelate lots while showing off my new RAINBOW BRACES!!!

And also, cos I didnt get enough (easy!!) respondants to my game plea, I repeat it here!!

Can we play this game? I stole it from my friend in North Carolina!

Can you tell me what to take a photograph of, and then I'll take a photograph of it? You can tell me a few things, or one thing, or no things. Something like "your bookshelf!" or "an outfit you wear a lot lately" or "what your mood has been like" or "what makes you tired" or "the inside of your bedroom closet." You could even ask me questions that I'd need to answer pictorially, like, I dunno, "What is your favourite color" or something more imaginative than THAT example ;)

I want a photograph mission. And I want to feel I accomplished a little cool project that you can all be part of!

Help a girl out?

ALSO!! I found me my second favourite boy ever on the internet. (Casey will always be my #1!!!) but look!

Not only can he do this...!

But he can ALSO do THIS!!!

(this is a Travis Barker repost - thanks [ profile] postbox!
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The crowd over at YouTube LOVE me....honest! Fer reals! I win another honor!! Whoo!

Honours for This Video:
86 - Most Viewed (Today) - People & Blogs

Its a video blog all about my CUTE rainbow braces! Le yay! :)

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